Hello World!

I've always had a thing for having the username/handle ali everywhere on the internet. Whenever its already taken, it makes me die a little inside.

I'll forever be jealous of the person who registered ali.io before I did. That left me few options for ali.something domains, until I stumbled across this one. Seeing as actor sounds vaguely like my last name, Akhtar, I bought it.

I've been meaning to do something with this domain for ages. Finally, today I got around to setting up the vague blog thing I've always thought about having.

I doubt anyone's ever going to read this thing, unless it ends up being the first result for my full name, and you're here to find out just how potentially shady I might be. In which case, Hi! And I hope you don't find me too shady.

(Mayy be you might be the admission officers from MIT reading this in November / December 2019? If so, I'd just like to mention that I've been fantasizing about molecular biology, protein folding, and merging that with programming, for the past 24 hours. And its been making me incredibly excited).

Other than that, I'll probably be writing here about programming / technical topics, ADHD, life, and any other random topics that might be on my mind.

I'll leave you with two much better blogs than mine, which I grew up reading / devouring: Paul Graham and Joel on Software.

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